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This medal is a miniature medal only.

Precedence: 4
Year Authorized: 2006
Presented By: National Society, State Society, Chapter (or purchased by a Compatriot)
Approved By: NSSAR Veterans Recognition Committee, State Society or Chapter

Summary: The Military Service Medal, authorized in 2006, may be presented to a Compatriot in recognition of military service which does not otherwise qualify for the War Service Medal.

Proof of Service: Proof of service, in the form of a copy of the member's discharge (or other U.S. or Allied Government proof in the case of a member in active service), must be provided to the NSSAR Veterans Recognition Committee, State Society Secretary or Chapter secretary (depending on presenting authority) before the medal can be purchased and/or worn. Such proof must show that the Compatriot served, or is serving, honorably in: (1) the armed forces of the United States, (2) the military forces of a country allied with the United States, or (3) a United Nations Peace Keeping Force.

Medal Devices & Attachments: A Purple Heart Pin may be worn on the full-sized Military Service Medal by a Compatriot who received the Purple Heart from one of the United States’ Armed Forces.

Cloth Ribbon: A ribbon bar in the colors of the medal drape with an “M” device may be worn by a Compatriot whose uniformed organization permits wear of such ribbons.

Subsequent Presentation NOT Authorized: A Compatriot may receive this medal only once. Oak leaf clusters or other ribbon attachments are not authorized.

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