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This medal is a miniature medal and only available to recipients of the full sized Florence Kendall Medal.

Precedence: 16
Year Authorized: 1939
Presented By: National Society
Approved By: Executive Director

Description: The award consists of a gold medal of oval shape with the SAR Badge surmounted on a red-enameled background. This is surrounded by a gold circle of embossed laurel leafs. The ribbon is blue with a white stripe down the center and has a bar inscribed “Florence Kendall” over the mounting bar.

Summary: The Florence Kendall Award is awarded annually at the SAR Congress to the top three members who were the first-line sponsor for the largest number of new members during the previous year. Previous editions consisted of a member's SAR Badge bearing on the chest ribbon a bar inscribed “Florence Kendall” and was given to the member who during a year was first-line sponsor for the largest number of new members.

The award was named for Florence Helen Messmore Kendall (1850-1939), mother of SAR President General Messmore Kendall. In 1917, at the age of 66, Mrs. Kendall purchased two ambulances and traveled with them to France, giving one to the Red Cross and driving the other herself for the duration of World War I.

Subsequent Presentation Authorized: A Compatriot may receive this medal multiple times. Presentation and wear of oak leaf clusters shall follow NSSAR policy.

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