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This medal is a miniature medal only.

The Patriot Graves Committee must authorize the purchase of this medal. Do not order this without prior notification of eligibility from the committee as doing so will delay the shipping of your entire order. We can not ship this without committee approval.

Precedence: 35
Year Authorized: 2017
Presented By: National Society, District Vice President General or State Society President
Approved By: NSSAR Patriot Index/Revolutionary War Graves Register Committee & State Society (President or state chairman)

Description: The medal is suspended from a purple and black drape and is a round disk of bronze color. The obverse depicts a cemetery with a picket fence, with a rifle leaning against the fence, a Betsy Ross flag, and a cloudy sky. The words “April 30, 1889 Compatriot” appear at the bottom. The reverse has the words “Services for Those Who Served” flanked by laurel leaves.

Summary: The Compatriot Grave Marking Medal recognizes each Compatriot’s contributions to the Sons of the American Revolution and honors our deceased Compatriots (while simultaneously honoring each Compatriot’s Patriot Ancestor) while publicizing the value of membership to their descendants.

Requirements for Earning the Compatriot Grave Marking Medal:
1. The Compatriot being honored must be prominently recognized in the service and printed program with a brief biography that includes his type of service to the SAR. The program may be used to document attendance and/or participation in the grave marking.
2. To qualify for the Compatriot Grave Marking Medal, the following criteria must be met:
a. The Compatriot must have participated in a prominent role during the planning and execution of the grave marking. This includes, but is not limited to, research/finding the grave, paying for or placing the SAR Member Marker, the Master of Ceremonies and Speaker/Presenter. With respect to the research or paying for the SAR Member Marker, a compatriot does not need to be a resident of the state in which the grave is located to conduct these activities.
b. The Compatriot must have participated, as defined above, in at least fifteen (15) member grave marking events with a look back period to 1 January 2012.

Special Application Required: Compatriots who believe they qualify for the medal must complete the appropriate form setting forth their qualifications, and including the supporting documentation. This form is available on the SAR website, and must be signed by either the state society president or the state patriot graves committee chairman (as reported to the National Patriot Graves Committee), and be submitted to the National Patriot Graves Committee.

Subsequent Presentation Authorized: The medal may be awarded multiple times. A bronze oak leaf cluster shall be awarded for each additional fifteen (15) grave markings meeting the requirements listed above. Presentation and wear of oak leaf clusters shall follow NSSAR policy.

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