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This set contains the full size medal, enamel bar, and the certificate. The miniature medal is available for purchase separately.

The medal can be engraved for an additional $10. Please select for this service.  This medal can have the first initial and last name as well as a presentation date engraved.

The certificate can be calligraphied for an additional $4. Please select for this service.    The certificate lists the name, the chapter/state or district presenting and the date.  There are spaces for the President and Secretary to sign.  Please list if this is a chapter/state or district presenting the award.

A Certificate Presentation Folder can be added for an additional $1.50. Please select for this item.

Precedence: 17
Year Authorized: 2017
Presented By: National Society, State Society or Chapter
Approved By: National Society, State Society or Chapter (based on presenting authority)

Description: The medal is gold in color. The obverse depicts a green cross in the center enclosed within a green circle. Within the green circle, the words “Sons of the American Revolution” appear on top and “Life Saving” appears on the bottom. It is worn from a chest ribbon of red halved with white. The medal is accompanied by a half red, half white enameled bar, suitable for wear on uniform, and a certificate for engrossing. A miniature medal is available.

Summary: The SAR Life Saving Medal is presented to those individuals who have acted to save a human life without necessarily placing their own life or themselves in imminent danger. The medal is intended primarily for acts by civilians not in uniform, however, police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical personal, lifeguards, and SAR Compatriots are not excluded from receiving this award. The medal is not intended to recognize acts that would otherwise qualify for military or another organization’s valor medals and, in all cases, the fact that the actions of the rescuer actually saved the life of the victim must be validated by EMS or medical personnel. Lifesaving examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Performing the Heimlich maneuver or other first aid to prevent a person from choking;
2. Saving a person from drowning by bringing the person to safety;
3. Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or rescue breathing until the person breathes normally; or
4. Performing CPR or applying an automated external defribrilator (AED) on an out-of hospital cardiac arrest before EMS arrival.

The medal is intended to recognize the actions of any person: (1) who was directly responsible for the saving of a human life or (2) who prolonged a human life to the extent that the victim was still alive upon transfer to the care of medical authorities, even though the victim might expire at a later time.

Only one award will be awarded for each incident regardless of the number of victims involved. Nominations will not be considered after a lapse of 24 months of the incident. The medal may also be presented posthumously.

Publication: The names of all recipients are published annually. Each awarding chapter and state society is requested to forward a short written description of the background and accomplishments of the recipients, together with dates, places and names. This should be submitted to National Headquarters, ATTN: Public Service and Heroism Committee and should arrive no later than June 1 each year. The report format is available on the SAR web site.

Subsequent Presentation Authorized: A Compatriot may receive this medal multiple times. Presentation and wear of oak leaf clusters shall follow NSSAR policy.

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