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In 1993 the oration contest became known as the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Patriotic Oration Contest. Compatriot Rumbaugh, of the Florida Society, is well known for his interest in our youth and is very generous in behalf of their welfare. In appreciation of his interest in the NSSAR oratorical event, the contest was renamed for him.

Compatriot Douglas G. High, Cincinnati, Ohio established this event in a Cincinnati Senior High School in 1945. The following year it became a state project of the Ohio Society. In 1947 the National Society decided to sponsor the event on a national level, calling the project the Historical Patriotic Oration Contest and having the first national event in 1949. Compatriot High was the original national chairman serving five terms until his death in June of 1952. The 1953 National Congress memorialized Compatriot High by naming the event for him.

Specific and very current guidance pertaining to the oration contest is best obtained annually by chapters through their state oration contest chairmen. This detailed guidance is formulated and published by the national committee. However some general guidelines may be helpful.

Contestants in the national event are sponsored by their state societies, except in districts where no state society individually acts as a sponsor. Then a district entry is permitted. Each state society or district where authorized, shall make available information through the chapters to senior high history and/or speech teachers, and also to principals early in the school year. If there are more than ten entries on the national level, elimination contests are held at that level.

On the national level, monetary awards are given to the top three winners. All orators are recognized with certificates. Olympic size medals suspended on neck ribbons are awarded to the top three national winners. Similar medals are available for state or chapter first-place winners.

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