Patriot Medal (includes full size, miniature and certificate)

Patriot Medal  (includes full size, miniature and certificate)
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The Patriot Medal is awarded only by a state society. It is the highest award given for service at the state or chapter level. This medal is presented only to individuals and may be received ONLY once. It represents long, faithful and outstanding service at the state and/or chapter level. Service at the national level can not be considered in making the award.

The medal is silver color and bears the portrait of Compatriot General of the Army Douglas MacArthur on the obverse within the inscription, "The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution." The reverse is inscribed "Awarded to for Patriotic Service by the Society SAR, 20 " The medal is suspended from a chest ribbon of royal blue color. The design for the medal was selected by Compatriot MacArthur. He received the first medal, presented posthumously at his tomb in Norfolk, Virginia, on October 19, 1964, where it is on permanent display. The Patriot Medal is available in full and miniature sizes.

The Patriot Medal may be awarded annually by any state society. State societies with fewer than 500 members may present no more than one medal each calendar year. State societies with 500 to 1000 members may present two medals each calendar year. State societies with over 1000 members may present one medal for each 500 members.

All requirements should be thoroughly reviewed before requesting this medal. The Executive Director maintains a record of all past recipients so that societies may contact him in advance to determine if a person has already received the medal and thus avoid an invalid request.

Application must be made to the Executive Director on a standard form at least thirty (30) days before the medal is to be presented. Include with the application, payment for the current cost of the medal, signature of the state society president and complete supporting evidence.

This medal kit includes a miniature medal and a certificate, which should be engrossed and presented with it. It is desirable that it be presented at the annual meeting of the state society. The Patriot Medal cannot be accepted by a representative.

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